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Thank you for your interest in promoting your Christian web site in the CWD directory.

CWD is not about being or becoming a huge site or directory, but rather an "accurate" one useful for Christians and Non-Christians alike for finding Christian information and web sites.

To have your site listed, you must place a reciprocal link on your own site.

We reserve the right to not publish sites that we deem inappropriate. We also reserve the right to modify or delete any existing listings at any time, for any reason, and without notice.


By submitting your site listing you attest that you are the individual responsible for the site and/or site listing being submitted. This means either you "own" the site or are an authorized agent for the site owner.

By submitting your site listing below you agree to hold blameless and indemnify Christian World Daily, it's agents and publisher from any and all financial and/or legal claims arising from your site listing being published in the pages of the Christian World Daily web site by/from any and all parties concerned in such claims.

By submitting your listing for publication in the Christian World Daily web site directory, you agree to receive my emailed update newsletters sent out every one to three months. This requirement serves multiple purposes needful for CWD operations and quality control.

I will honor all requests for removing you from the directory's email list, however, please be aware that requesting such removal also constitutes a request to have your site listing(s) removed from the Christian World Daily directory pages.




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