Taking Sport and Life to the Next Level

February 15, 2005 Edition
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Playbook for Life

Life and sport can take a toll on you. If you are searching for peace and contentment - go to the Playbook for Life.

Quitting Is Not an Option

Quitting is not always quitting. There is a big difference between leaving your sport at the right time for the right reasons and prematurely giving up for any number of wrong reasons.

Take It To The Next Level

If you love sports, this is a "must have" book. - Jean Driscoll, Boston Marathon Champion, Olympic Medalist

Modify Your Training Environment

Coaches should try to balance the advantages of a uniform, predictable training with the potential advantages of intentionally changing the training environment.

Start Believing!

Coach Reese discusses how loss can turn to victory once you start believing that you can win! After that life gets a lot easier.

Training Anaerobically on the Stairs

One of the best ways to anerobically train is by running stairs. Here is a detailed training plan to help your build your anaerobic conditioning.

Pursue the Purpose

Wes Neal writes that focus is one of the key words in coaching. But how can you be focused on one thing and fail to live out the real plan?

Psyching Up

When you are not feeling motivated towards and event or competition, you just might need to psych yourself up. Find out how to raise your level of arousal to you can perform effectively.

Dr. J

"I'm often asked what I consider my greatest highlight or most out standing perfomance. Usually I'm able to come up with quick answers..."

Team Leader

What is a team leader? You will know when you are a team leader when...

  • You firmly believe that the best interest of the team must always come first...

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