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WorldShapers, 6 Arkley Road, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 7JT, England - April 2004

Because we believe in making an investment in people, we are running several courses and projects to help to learn, grow and develop. This leaflet explains our one and two year training programme.

A year with WorldShapers challenges you to take part in...

  • social action, (volunteering)
  • pioneering church work
  • receiving theological teaching related to everyday life.

New Horizons Christian Fellowship

This training programme is offered as a partnership between New Horizons Christian Fellowship (formerly known as The 418 Project) and the WorldShapers Academy in Hemel Hempstead just north of London.

Who is it for?

WorldShapers is for motivated Christians of all ages who would like to put their faith into action. It is for people with a teachable spirit who are hungry to learn more. For some, this will be a gap year to explore what they want to do next in their life, for others it is education leading to a degree involving both theory and a lot of new experiences.

Course dates

9 September 2004 to
25 July 2005

Woodhall Farm Community Centre

Your teaching will be based at Woodhall Farm Community Centre, which is also the place where the New Horizons Christian Fellowship meets for Sunday Worship. You will be helping to support the work of the centre through practical work and by helping to organise small community events.

Pioneering church work

You will be involved in the life of New Horizons Christian Fellowship and also in activities based on your interests such as the worship group, Sunday school, On:line youth club, sports activities, drama, 24/7 prayer initiatives, and spiritual mentoring.

New Horizons Christian Fellowship was planted in October 1998.The church is a member of the Evangelical Alliance and also of Churches Together in Hemel Hempstead.


Fees for the year are £3,000 which may be paid in instalments. This covers basic food, accommodation and other relevant expenses. Due to our partnership with Mariannelund folkhögskola we are able to offer study grants to students from Sweden.

The fee for a non-resident student is £1,250.

The fee for a teaching only student is £450.


WorldShapers Academy

Arno Steen Andreasen

6 Arkley Road

Hemel Hempstead



(+44)(0)1442 398161

Year two

You might be interested in continuing your training (or education) with us after the first year. In the future we will be offering a second year option where the emphasis will be on skills development.

You will also be able to work towards a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Theology if that is of interest to you.

Some of the themes for the second year will be “Models of church planting “,” Leadership development “,” Life Coaching supervision “,” Project development” and “Spiritual Gifts development”.

Gap year or a degree?

You can study at your own pace or work towards a degree. As the Worldshapers Academy is recognised as a training institution by the Accrediting Commission International (ACI), in your first year you can work towards an Associate Degree in Applied Theology and in the second year towards a Bachelor Degree in Applied Theology if interested. It is not necessary to make this decision before starting the course.

The teaching is based around practical, everyday life scenarios and experiential learning and you do not need to be a great reader. You will be able to learn to a high level if you are motivated for personal transformation and spiritual growth.


Each week you will receive three days of teaching at Woodhall Farm Community Centre. There are three parts to each of these days:

  • Bible study methods
  • Weekly themes
  • Making sense of this world

These three days will start with morning sessions on how to study the Bible, how to present the findings of your studies and how these principles relate to your life. You will learn Bible study methods that you can pass on to others to help them grow to spiritual maturity.

Two days a week you will be studying a theme, e.g. “Healing”, “Modelling after Jesus”, “Bible survey”, “The Kingdom of Jesus”, “Transforming money”, “Faith”.

One day each week you will be looking at how to make sense of the world, analysing everyday life dilemmas and examining theological solutions. You will be exploring how theology affects your own decisions and world view.

Life Coaching

You will be involved in pioneering a new Life Coaching scheme for young people, aged 16-19 years, at the local secondary school and you will receive training in Life Coaching skills to help young people on a one-to-one basis dealing with issues such as:

  • How to get better school grades and have more fun
  • How to find a satisfying, enjoyable career
  • How to make relationships work
  • How to prioritise and live a more fulfilling life

Fun events

During the year the people of New Horizons Christian Fellowship take part in two town carnivals, perform at the local primary schools at Christmas and Easter, and the celebration of our church’s birthday is always a creative and fun-filled event.

Once a year the church also organises a football tournament/family fun day where as well as the 6-a-side football tournament, there is a bouncy castle, penalty shooting competition, face painting, hair colouring, obstacle course, etc. This event attracts many families from the area and there is tough competition amongst the teams.


The Dacorum Volunteer Bureau in Hemel Hempstead has a register of over 250 different charities in the town from which you could choose to become involved. The bureau will help you to find the right placement, based on your interests, ability and experience. You will be expected to be involved with two or three different charities on a weekly basis. You could, for instance, find yourself assisting with homeless people or lunch clubs for people with a mental disorder, or helping at the One-Stop-Shop for young people, or swimming with children needing help. You also have the opportunity of befriending the elderly, working on the local radio station or doing practical jobs in people's homes.