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Abuse has no excuse! 
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I'm sorry, I'm sorry... How many times have you heard this? 
Abuse is a worldwide plague! 

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This site looks for answers and solutions to man kind's oldest social epidemic. 
The epidemic is worldwide and growing like wildfire. Stamping out this wildfire, globally, is our intention here at Quitabuse. We must never cease our continuing quest for a cure for this social deterioration of society and the environment. 
Understanding and reasoning out problems is always the best procedure for extinguishing the flames of this social disgrace. But sometimes even this isn't enough. That's where support groups and information, along with useful resources become your best defense against abuse. 
There is no excuse for battering. There is no excuse for social abuse. There is no excuse for environmental abuse. There is no excuse for domestic violence. There is no excuse for child abuse. Abuse has no excuse.
The types of abuse are endless. With every form equally as devastating as the other. Please help us fight abuse... no matter what form it takes. 
Partial listing of some of the forms of abuse we are fighting against:
Physical Abuse Animal Abuse
Medical Abuse Social Abuse
Industrial Abuse Legal Abuse
Mental Abuse Verbal Abuse
Environmental Abuse Child Abuse
Employment Abuse Substance Abuse
Abuse of Power Emotional Abuse
Elderly Abuse Spousal Abuse
Sexual Abuse Psychological Abuse
School Violence
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Stop the Abuse NOW!!

Remember in the sixty's when we all thought 'being in love is never having to say your sorry?' Well those days are over, thank God. 
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Quitabuse Quotes:
"The best time to stop violence, is before it starts!"
"When you findthe love for yourself, you can begin to find it for others."
Rachel's story. Stop the violence! This site is very hard to forget.
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Please sign the Petition to stop domestic violence! Together, we can make a difference.Click Here

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