čulňgia, yoo-log-ee'-ah; fine speaking, elegance of language; commendation, adoration, prosper, bless & praise

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New Worship Album Released December 2004
Riverside Christian Church network has three congregations meeting in Banff, Buckie and Elgin. This live recording took place when the three churches came together in Harvest Centre, Banff for a worship celebration and features 12 original songs written by members of the Banff worship team. The songs, which have been regularly used across the network, include celebration of God’s great power, of His faithfulness in the hard times, of His covenant love in a new song for Communion and a heart cry for Him to move in revival. 
Sheet music and OHP masters can be printed from the CD. Our prayer is that these songs would draw you into that wonderful place of His presence and bless and encourage you in your own worship and walk with the Lord.

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A worship event in Aberdeen called 'Souled Out' - Please click Here for more information.
Souled Out is a dynamic non-denominational Christian event, which provides an opportunity for individuals in the Aberdeen area to meet together in God’s presence, to praise Him and to hear from His Word. Souled Out aims to challenge and inspire the Church to be a beacon of Christ's love throughout the region. --- So, what are we all about? Early in the summer of 2003, a group of Christians met together with a shared passion - to see God's people come together to praise Him and hear from His Word. The Bible clearly teaches that God's Church is the people, not the building, so why not get those people together once in a while? We talked, we prayed and we talked some more! We pushed many doors, some flew open and others just wouldn’t budge. But eventually…Souled Out was born! --- Our vision is to establish a dynamic event which inspires us to be “Souled Out” for Jesus Christ, regardless of age or denomination. We pray that you will join us in this vision. --- With every blessing - The Souled Out Team.

Eulogia Studios are delighted to have been asked to record the worship at the Souled Out events. CD's for the May and September events are now available from the Souled Out website. There were estimated to be at least 800+ worshipers at the last event in November.




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