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Audiblox is a multisensory cognitive enhancement program, aimed at the development of foundational learning skills such as concentration, perception, memory, and logical thought. It improves performance in reading, spelling, writing and math. Audiblox is adaptable for the gifted and less gifted, and applicable for all age groups. It can develop the learning skills of the high school learner to a very high degree, while it can also be used to prepare the preschool child for reading and learning from as early as three years of age. Audiblox is effective for a variety of learning difficulties including dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyspraxia.


Audiblox opens up new vistas for all those with learning and reading problems. It is based on scientific learning and reading principles that have been researched over a period of years by Dr. Jan Strydom…. It provides answers to many of the riddles that have been plaguing experts on the subject of learning and reading problems…. For the first time there is real hope in the battle against learning and reading problems, not only inside the classroom, but also outside. Dr. Strydom must be congratulated on a revolutionary, brilliant, but at the same time simple and easily applicable program.” — Prof. E. J. van Niekerk, University of South Africa Read more reviews…


Dyslexia: Articles on Dyslexia


Reading and learning are the two things that determine the success of a child during his school career. First he learns to read. Then he reads to learn. Because the child with dyslexia battles to read, he is therefore also hampered in the learning situation. Learn more about dyslexia and how Audiblox can help to overcome dyslexia.


Dysgraphia: Handwriting Help for Children


The Audiblox Dysgraphia Program is recommended for children who suffer from poor handwriting skills — also known as dysgraphia. Dysgraphia often co-exists with dyslexia. This program addresses both problems simultaneously.


Spelling Help: How to Improve Spelling

Spelling Help

The Audiblox Spelling Program is recommended for children whose reading is more or less on par, but who spell poorly.


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Logical Thinking: An Indispensable Skill
Math Learning Disabilities: Overcoming Math Problems
Preventing Learning Disabilities: Teachers Test the Audiblox Claims
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