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Welcome to Roy's Amazing Hope & Inspiration Links! Hope for the discouraged and timeless truth for the seeker are what these inspirational links offer. If you feel there is something missing from your life, then try these excellent resources to be inspired and renewed. Maybe your life is wonderful but you are just having one of those days. A little encouragement and hope wouldn't do any harm, would it?

Do you have an even deeper need and think that something of a spiritual nature might be helpful? Then please try both the inspirational links below and the Christian link also.

If you are already a Christian and would like to enjoy some in-depth study and devotional resources, then try the Christian Resources Link too. There are also selected public policy issues and historical information here.  

Amazing Links:

Simple Truth

Four Steps to God

The Gift

Peace With God

Pilgrim's Progress

Promise of God

Soul Journey

'Til He Come

Who Is Jesus?


Christian Resources

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