The Contemporary Christian, Original Art Paintings of Paul Myhill…
Expressionistic paintings inspired through a relationship with, and reliance on, God - the Master Artist.

Enter to view the galleries of recent Christian work; reflect upon modern interpretations and expressions of traditional Christian images and symbols;
connect with your Maker by dwelling upon the deeper meanings underlying the representations; walk studio, university, museum and church halls to experience its germination, creation, education and exhibition. This is a place of meditation and worship, a place for art and soul, a place to relish in the aesthetic passions passed from Creator to created.

Christian Art paintings of Paul Myhill
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paleochristian iconographic expressions


Call it modern, contemporary, abstract, or expressionistic art. It doesn't matter. Call it biblical, sacred, religious or spiritual art. It doesn't matter. What matters is the conviction or reflection caused as a result.

"Christian" art is an amazing comfort, a sense of "home." How many times have you pondered the simple form of the cross and found peace and familiarity there, a place of belonging? How often has a Christian image or symbol elicited feelings causing you to draw closer to God, to give Him His due praise? And, yes, do you believe that the Spirit can use simple Christian imagery to initially draw people to Him also, to start the process of redemption?

The Gospel message is tucked into other cultural symbols also, from ancient to traditional to modern. Christian art can expose these redemptive analogies. Christian art can make the invisible visible to a lost and hurting world and to a church in need of encouragement.

Join me on a journey to use contemporary expressions to breathe renewed life into the cherished symbols of our Christian faith. These symbols have power....the power to spark spiritual conversations; the power to promote worship; the power to edify the faithful...........


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