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  Christian WebSites are switching to ChristianHosting.Com in record numbers. In recent months our sign up rate has tripled. When we asked our customers "why the switch", we heard a constant theme. Christians have too long had to choose between quality and being associated with a Christian company.

All ChristianHosting.Com servers are high-dollar SUN machines designed for Web Hosting. Unlike many (Christian and secular alike) low budget hosting companies we shy away from intel based products designed for the desk top.

The Switch is On! Join the hundreds of Christian Websites around the world that have found that "Christian" and "Quality" are not mutually exclusive terms.

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ChristianHosting.Com provides Christian Web Hosting, WebSites and Internet Services to thousands of churches, Christian Organizations and Christian owned websites! Our goal is to facilitate those that are willing to put Christ First! We offer the highest quality, full-featured Web Hosting Services for Christian WebSites at the lowest possible price. We believe that the message of Christ must dominate the Internet, and that this domination must start today. Please read our mission statement to understand our goals and beliefs. Every web hosting package comes with a control panel that makes the administration of your site easy.

New Web Site Improvement Articles

If your web-site isn't being picked up by the search engines, or visitors are not responding like you believe they should, then you need to read our latest articles.

Is your church web-site a credit or an embarrasement to the Body of Christ?

Web Site Improvement Articles

Allow ChristianHosting.Com host your Christian web site.

We offer Instructional Movies that will make learning how to use your new site a piece of cake.

We will help you design a seeker friendly website.

Put your Church or Christian Site online today.

Have a Business? We offer a special Business Web Hosting package for you. You will be pleased to know that your Christian site helps further the Kingdom by keeping the cost of our Web Hosting fees lower for Churches and non-profit sites.

Not a church or a business, but want a Christian website? Our Christian web hosting package is for you. You get lower rates that businesses and the same quality hosting.

Why Sun Servers Make a Difference

Most providers use low-end Intel based servers, and run some version of Linux. These low-dollar machines are typically selected because of cost and lower requirements in technical expertise. Linux is a favorite for low-end hosting because it is free, and the technical requirements make it easier for a novice to support.

ChristianHosting.Com uses Sun equipment, the standard in high-end mission critical Internet applications. Our choice in equipment is based on capability and up-time, not on price. To learn more about our servers click on our "Sun Server" page.

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You asked for it, you got it! Now when you sign up your church or ministry, we will process your account and allow you to pay by check. After verifying your order details, simply click the "I want to pay by check" button.

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Stop paying a fortune for your Christian domain names, when you order a domain name with your Christian Web Hosting package your savings are...

The Switch is On!

Join the hundreds of Christian Websites that are switching to ChristianHosting.Com!
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