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Welcome to
The Christian Visual Fine Arts Directory

A non-profit, non-commercial, non-denominational ministry for the promotion of Christian art for witness.

Purpose has one simple goal: To provide greater exposure opportunities to Christian artists who use their God-given talents to produce works that are explicitly "Christian" or "Biblical" in nature. The artwork overtly shares Christ or moves the viewer to ask for explanation, causing spiritual conversations to ensue. No, Christian art should never simply be utilitarian in nature, and is certainly not limited to being just an evangelistic tool, but Christian artists do have a responsibility to combine emotion and purpose, to create pieces that are "in the world, not of the world." Talents are to be applied specifically for Kingdom work, for the Master's glory. One can argue, of course, that Christian artists are not restricted to subject matter alone and can provide a strong witness regardless of art topic or theme. The vision of this art directory, however, is quite specific - to display Christian works that speak for themselves or allow others to speak for them, absent the testimony of the artist or artist's lifestyle.


The directory is essentially a gallery, providing artist profiles, artwork samples, and contact information for each listed Christian artist. Listings are grouped alphabetically by art medium. Thumbnail images are provided for each listing to allow patrons and viewers to more effectively conduct their search for quality Christian art.

To the Christian Artist

Christian artists are invited to submit artwork images for listing in the directory in as many categories as are applicable. An artist's whole repertoire need not all meet the listing criteria, but their directory submissions should. Artists must also agree to a simple statement of faith, one that defines all Christians, regardless of denominational or organizational affiliation. All submissions are FREE in order to promote the art for God's glory.

To the Christian Art Patron/Viewer

Please use this directory as a resource to identify and support Christian artists who are in agreement with the Christian statement of faith and who produce at least a portion of their work to purposely share Christ to a lost world. All images are the copyright of the individual artists and should not be reproduced in any form without their explicit consent.

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