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What is JAMBE Enterprises?

JAMBE enterprises is simply My company, it is not officially recognized or anything it is more simply the name I attach to things I make such as this Website, Christmas cards, anything that I think would look cool on. JAMBE stands for JAmes Mckenzie Brunskill Enterprises (some times called jambe corp.)

 About ME 

Currently I am working for RimuHosting (www.rimuhosting.com) as a support person.

 What's New

  • Enigma Machine - Online Enigma Encryption
  • ScopeAnalyzer  - help with scope issues in C, java, and others
  • Slogan - my rambling about Proverbs 4:5-7
  • Emacs Reference Guide
  • JWT - JAMBE WebTool create proffesional websites easily
  • Yawn - ways to enrich your relationship with God
  • My Rambling 2003 2001 2002

    Its been awhile since my last true ramble, but I have been occasionaly puting rambles on my experimental ramble site. http://jambecorp.blogspot.com  check it out and tell me what you think.

    Things are going well, as you might have noticed some subtle changes have been happening around here, 1 being the blue line all around the text area, some small updates to my art page, updated bible page, and the links on each page have been updated.

    I also have added these new pages:

    Spam What Can We Do? - This is the article that I had published at www.thischristianlife.com I have added it here to increase its google rank and so that you can read it with out leaving the site.

    The Lords Prayer - I was sent this the other day, I have seen it before and you probably have too. It is a iteractive prayer session between God and someone. It is quite exagerated but it is easy to see a bit of yourself in it. How often do you race through your prayer sessions, or bible reading?

    Something to think about anyway...

     James 25/04/03

    These articles will be linked in properly when I get around to it :)

    If any of you are particularly academic, and are into Grammar parsing etc, you might be interested in reading (or criticing) this article about first and follow sets. 

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