Jesus has a beautiful face

Although the length of time that I was involved in witchcraft all took place within a period of nine months, the affects of that contamination pursued me for many years. When I had realized what I had done I was so hurt that I could have betrayed My Jesus in such a dismaying way.

During that time there was a day when I walked into the sales room and the woman, who had gotten me involved in this, was standing at the edge of the balcony looking down. I was accompanied by a friend, and both of us exclaimed to her at the same time, "Your eyes!"

"What?" She asked, and the answer came simultaneously once again, "They look like the devil's eyes."

Her eyes as she looked at us were elongated and glowed red, like a flame of fire came from them.

She just laughed and said, "Oh, a lot of people tell me that."

Many months after I had repented and turned back to my God, I was seated in the dining room all alone, and the look of this woman's eyes came to my mind. I just felt so sad. I said, "Lord when the day of judgment comes, I will recognize the face of satan, because I have seen his eyes."

I felt so sad, I jumped up and ran to my room and fell on my knees. As I closed my eyes, suddenly there was a face so close to me that I opened my eyes and pulled my head quickly backwards, to avoid slamming my face into this face in front of me.

When I closed my eyes again the face was gone, but it was then, and forever will be etched on my mind.

The face was different shades of white. The hair was white, but of the texture of the black man's hair and was cut in a long page boy cut. But the look on the face was what captivated me. His eyes were looking in mine, and on His face was the expression of someone who knew everything there was to know about me. He was looking at me with the intimate look of the very best friend that I could have, He knew everything about me, yet the look was a look of deep confiding love. The words that filled my mind as I bowed my head again was, "child, you will recognize My face too, for we have walked through many roads together."

I just lowered my head and wept. He knew everything about me, He knew I had betrayed Him, yet He never mentioned any of it, He just showed me how much He loved me.

There have been many times since then that I have seen His face again. I am always captured by His eyes of love. Much of the time, I am able to see the eyes of Jesus looking at me, whenever I look up from what I am doing, and the eyes are always so filled with love.

I realized that these were the same eyes that turned and looked at Peter, the night that he denied Jesus three times, during His trial. I can see Peter, scared out of his wits, wanting to be near Jesus, but not wanting any part in what was happening to Him. People who were there also knew Peter,and knew that he walked with Jesus, and confronted him with it. Peter was scared and denied it, even to using strong language in order to throw them off of the truth. At that moment the rooster crowed and Peter remembered that Jesus had told him that this very thing would happen. It stopped Peter in his tracks and he turned around and looked at Jesus. What did he see as he looked at Him? There was Jesus, being mocked, and beaten, treated worse than the lowest criminal, but His concern was for His disciple. He was looking clear across the courtyard; (The bible says that Peter found the farthest corner) but from that distance the look of love in Jesus' eyes as He looked at him, broke his heart and he ran out of the courtyard weeping.

Jesus does not look at us with anger when we fall, He looks at us with love.

That same look of love is the one that we will see when we meet Jesus, when He comes back to this earth.


"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16



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