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John A. Studebaker, Ph.D. Director of Bridge Ministries and main seminar facilitator



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Christian Seminars and Workshops 

Bridge Ministries provides cutting-edge educational resources for Christians. Our mission is to make disciples by training Christians for active church leadership and by preparing Christians for real-world impact.

LifeBridge Seminars and Workshops help people find and fulfill their God-given mission within the context of local church communities. After investigating their ultimate purpose in life and writing their Purpose Statement, each participant develops their personal Mission Statement as a unique fulfillment of Jesus' Great Commission. Then they write Vision Statements for activating their mission in the world and in connection with the local church. LifeBridge will propel your Church or organization forward by helping each member become a vital "bridge" for Christ in the world.

The LifeBridge Video Workshop (Professional Video with Study Guide for small groups & Sunday School classes)

The LifeBridge Video Workshop is a six session series designed to help small group members find and fulfill their God-given mission. Each participant will develop a personal life-plan, so they can live the life God created them to live. The series is biblically-based, Spirit-led, and community-oriented. Incorporates a DVD or VHS set and a Study Guide.

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The LifeBridge Campaign (Incorporating assessment with ministry matching in the development of a comprehensive church plan)

The “LifeBridge Campaign” utilizes the LifeBridge Video Workshop to dramatically increase the number of participants in a Church’s small group ministries while strengthening their body and outreach. Our goal is to see over 50% of church attendees involved in ministry. Through the Campaign, the Holy Spirit can transform churches by catalyzing new leaders, developing small group “mission centers,” and creating a "mission mindset" throughout the entire church.

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The LifeBridge Seminars (seven hour process for Churches and Christian Organizations)

The LifeBridge Seminar provides practical, day-to-day steps for discovering & living out your calling together with the entire body of Christ. It is a live seven-hour process that integrates solid biblical teaching, small group interaction and the Holy Spirit's guidance in a profound way. Each attendee goes forth with a clear blueprint of the life God has designed for them to live.

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The LifeBridge Personal Workshop (Coaching for individuals)

LifeBridge Coaching is also available for individuals, particularly those in a time of graduation, re-evaluation, or career transition.

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Christian Video Workshop

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