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Saturday Computer Stuff
Last One 3-26-05

This will be the last issue of the Saturday Computer Stuff. Starting next week, the usual Sunday Archive E-Cheer will be moved to Saturday, and there will be no Sunday mailing.

The reasons are several. I seem to be running out of things to say without repeating previous discussions. Secondly, I feel like I'm writing on a blackboard with an empty classroom. My readers seem to ignore the advice I put a lot of time into researching. Just one case in point -- last week I made an emotional appeal to stop sending large attachments. Then, yesterday one of my readers sent me a 1361 KB attachment that tied up my email system. Since last Saturday, I have had others do the same thing. It's as though I never sent out the email.

I have repeatedly asked people to remove us from mailing lists, but Betty and I still get all kinds of cutesy stuff because we are on some of your lists. Please, DO NOT include us on any mailing lists.

I have repeatedly coaxed readers to eliminate the long lists of names that they forward, because it is a violation of people's privacy rights to have their e-address plastered all over the Internet. In spite of all my pleadings, readers keep forwarding all the names. Again, I feel like I am talking to an empty room.

There is an old proverb - "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." It seems true in this case. I assume that all or most of my readers are Christians. The matters I write about on Saturdays are matters that Christians should take seriously. Yet, they keep violating good email etiquette as if they never heard of Christian responsibility.

The real problem isn't just inconsiderate use of the Internet - it is gross disobedience to the Christian rules of caring about others. If it were just one or two readers who are offending, I could ignore it, but it is almost an avalanche.

I am still willing to try to answer your questions on computer matters.

Please, please, please - be a responsible emailer!

Dave George 3-26-05

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