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Linda Lawler 

Designer of Educational Patterns and Instructional Materials 
for Children's Ministry

Educational Patterns for Children's Ministry offers free, on-line children's ministry resources for teaching the Bible to children. Here you will find Sunday School lesson plans and patterns for teacher created instructional materials which are suitable for use in Christian education or religious instruction, at home, in the home school, or church. Included is a free, on-line Bible Curriculum with Bible stories, action games, and holiday crafts.

The spring quarter lessons are about the crucifixion and 
resurrection of Jesus Christ; and the missionary journeys of Paul

Access them from the Free Bible Lesson Page.

Educational Patterns for Children's Ministry offers:

A Free Religious Education Curriculum: 

1. A one year program: 
Accessed directly from this site.
There is nothing to download.
No registration or password is needed.
Only available electronically.

2. Suitable for children from ages 5 - 9. 

3. Each weekly lesson includes:
A Bible story,
An action game,
A take home paper,
Some holiday crafts.

Access the lessons from the Free Bible Lesson Page  

"I have never seen Bible truths communicated to children with such enthusiasm, simplicity and effectiveness.  Kids really respond!  Linda's passion for helping families and churches pass on the faith really shines through this engaging, hands-on approach. 'Remarkable' is the best word I can think of to describe Linda's achievement.                     Laurel Tessmer, Minister Associate,
      Beverly Heights Presbyterian Church, Mt. Lebanon, PA

It is a manipulative based program which invites children's 
       participation, using hands-on learning at it's best!

Free Patterns for:
A Bible Story Mat: 
A simple, fabric, play mat that represents the Promised Land of Israel. 
Use as:
A teaching tool for reenacting Bible stories.
Use with: 
The Free, On-line Children's Curriculum 
available at this site.  
(Listed above)
Your own or other commercially available 
curriculum materials.
For pictures and more details about the mat:
Click on Bible Story Mat
Bible Action Figures - Make your own action figures 
using one of the 2 patterns:

1. Cloth Sewn Action Figures:
Adorable, cloth, doll figures. 
Each figure stands about 3 inches high. 

2. No-Sew Action Figures made from Poster Board

With these patterns you can create your own 
homemade action figures!

Not suitable for children under age 4

To access: click on Bible Action Figures 

A Bible Cover
A pattern to sew a cloth book cover.
Click on Bible Cover Pattern to access it.


For information about Linda Lawler click Reviews.

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