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Feature Articles

Little River Faithfest Review
Here's one reporters opinion on how the inaugral Minnedosa Faithfest went down.
Little River Faithfest Photos
Little River Photos, version 1.0.
YC Fusion 2003 Photo Collage
Bleach TFK, Ripperz and more played this youth weekend in Winnipeg

Reliant K, KJ-52 Review
Photos and write up on Youth Encounter Concert.

JesusManitoba Events Calendar
Our Events Calendar is here. Add your Manitoba Christian concert, conference or event. Check back often for new additions.

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See all of our past features here. Missed something, check it out here.

Feature: Manitoba Forum
Come and comment on the issues that concern you. Leave your mark on our discussion area.

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Events Calendar

Missionfest Manitoba
Annual missions expo event
Venue:Grant Memorial Church
Date:February 04, 2005
Pillar -Missionfest Youth Concert
Venue:Church of the Rock - 397 Buffalo Place (Just off McGillivray Blvd.)
Date:February 04, 2005
Free @1 Event Publisher by UPOINT
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