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Ministries : General


  • In His Service - A wonderful Christian site built by His Holy Spirit led desire, for the whole family. A new life is just a link away!!
  • Jericho Christian Counseling Ministry - Jericho Ministry is a Spirit-led counseling ministry serving Minnesota Teen Challenge and private clients at our home office in Blaine, Mn. Our website offers free access to specific counseling subject articles that challenge many of our pre-conceived ideas about God, spirituality, repentance, pride and shame, performance mentality, etc.
  • Jesus PC - Free online books written by Israel Staggs, Bible Gateway, Audio Bible, TechNewsWorld, SiteProNews, Cartoons, ADD URL, Poll Page and more. The Secret Place of the Almighty awaits you at Jesus PC.
  • Luke 17:3 Ministries - We are a women's ministry for adult daughters of controlling or abusive birth-families, who seek support in developing self-esteem, setting boundaries and limits, forgiveness, Godly confrontation, recognizing and cutting ties with reprobates, healing, and rejoicing in the peace and love of the Lord, our Father.
  • Museltof on Jesus.Net - A site of Bible understanding, prayer and mission. Here is the place to learn more about Jesus, the Bible, to find clear doctrinal articles and exposures of false teachings including the sects and cults. The Gospel is our whole life!
  • River Of Life Fellowship - A unique Deaf ministry that ministers to the Hearing, Hard of Hearing, Cochlear Deaf, and the Deaf. The whole body of Christ is ministered to. For there are no male/female, slaves/free, nor is there Deaf/Hearing in the Kingdom of God

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