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Business : Church Equipment Needs


  • Centurion Home Safes - For over 12 years five-star hotels throughout the U.S. have offered the security and guest convenience of Centurion's custom-designed safes. We proudly offer our product line to the security-minded homeowner or business. Centurion safes are a welcome addition to home remodeling or construction.
  • Church Chair Industries Inc. Home Page - We are a Christian owned and run manufacturing company offering comfortable, low cost yet durable stack chairs to the church market worldwide. Our most popular series is our Design Stacker line which when put in rows hook together to form a pew-like seat. We hold a patent on what many congregations across the country call the most comfortable chair on the market today. Call us at 1-800-331-5411 or email us today for more information.
  • Eagle International Tents & Air Domes! - Eagle International Tents & Air Domes designs and produces small/large Pole Tents, Clear-Span portable Buildings, Air Supported Domes - for Arenas, Auditoriums, Sports covers, Construction Covers, Storage space, Church facilities ... World Wide
  • Wireless church nursery paging systems - Falcon Wireless is a provider of wireless on-site UHF-FM nursery pager systems with terminal prices starting at $495 and receivers as low as $69 each.

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