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  • - Christian portal for Manitoba, Canada. Includes news, weather, concerts, events, media and forums.
  • Link Gate - Your Gateway to the World Wide Web!

    (A CWD Publisher's Favorite Site)
  • - The website is a tool to communicate the dreams and visions of individuals to Christians across the world. By doing so we can inspire others to dream for God, pray for one anotherís dreams to be realised, update on God fulfilling his promises and unite together as people surfing the great revival wave that is starting to rise.
  • Roy's Amazing Hope & Inspiration Links! - Welcome to Roy's Amazing Hope & Inspiration Links! . Hope for the discouraged and timeless truth for the seeker are what these inspirational links offer.
  • Scottish - Guide to the Church in Scotland, promoting Christian internet use with 600+ links to Scottish churches, organisations and individuals plus news, tech briefings, Digital Ministry, message board and free monthly newsletter.
  • Ultimasurf Search Engine - Searchable Search Engine Directory that searches more than 400 search engines worldwide including Christian search engines and radio stations.

    (..highly recommended site to visit!..)
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