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Ministries : Preaching


  • Accent on the Word - A site of encouragement and inspiration; accounts of dramatically answered prayers and conversion testimonies. The Gospel, Jesus, prayer and encouragement are paramount here.
  • Jesus Is Lord Sons Of Light - Purpose to disciple others and be disciples ourselves in adherence to the Gospel of Jesus Christ,proclaiming the Truth in Jesus Christ,the only way to God.
  • Michael Ferree Ministries - Bro. Mike Ferree has been preaching for over 26 years, first as pastor and now as an evangelist. Visit his site to read his testimony, revival schedule, and more.
  • museltof christian ministries on OurChurch - A great site with countless links of interest for the Christian. The keywords for us are Prayer, Jesus, anti-cult, Gospel and Bible. Find exposures of many false teachings which confuse sincere Christians.
  • Sermons by R.M. Leghorn - Sermons by R. M. Leghorn Pastor of Burton St Baptist Tabernacle Sydney Australia in the 1940s to 1950s.
  • Testemony of Pastor Ciniraj Mohamed - Pastor Paul Ciniraj Mohamed, founder and director of the Salem Voice was a Muslim by birth, found Jesus as his personal Savior and became as a chosen vessel in His Vineyard miraculously. He is a well known preacher in India and winning many more souls unto the Salvation

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