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Ministries : Teaching


  • A Clarion Voice - Lawrence Hilliard has been an educator and lecturer for over 25 years within private institutions, colleges, conferences, and churches. He has a Masters degree in History from the University of Southern California and teaches philosophy, ethics, theology, and contemporary political philosophy.In an anthropocentric world Lawrence Hilliard teaches from a theocentric perspective.
  • Abiding In The Healing Word - An exciting site focusing on healing through the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. Great testimonies, an extensive list of healing scriptures, short teachings, awesome quotes from powerful christian leaders, inspirational poetry, book reviews, ministry links and so much more!
  • Awakening Mind: I am Spirit - We are a nonprofit corporation organized for religious and educational purposes, recognizing that true forgiveness is Divinely inspired and must be thoroughly taught and learned and accepted to be experienced.
  • Bazuin Ministries - To bring His teachings and prophecies to those who wish to know who God is and what is relevant at this time in our Christian faith.
  • Cook Ministries - Our site is about teaching and uplifting Jesus. We have pages of messages and things God gave to us to write. We also have testamonies of miracles God has done. When we took a missionary trip to India and we have pictures and information. We also have our daughter pages of art she does. There is so much more but you have check our site to see everything.
  • Covenant Marriages Ministry - Encouraging Christian Covenant Marriage With archived audio and video programs as well as a Live Video Program Stream with teaching from Pastors Dr. Bob Christensen Pastor and Lester Hardrick.
  • Every Child Ministries - This is the site where you can learn about African children in the Congo and Ghana, sunday schools, bible teaching ministries for African youth, leadership training and Christian education for Africa.
  • Free Audio Tape Ministry - Free Bible study audio tapes and Heart to Heart commentaries for the edification and discipleship of God's Church.

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