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Missions : Training


  • Biblical School of World Evangelism - Missionary and Bible Ministry Training Center established to recruit, train, equip, send, and sustain missionaries in church planting and evangelistic efforts toward world evangelism.
  • Cuba Mission - MMEC - Purpose of UWM and MM en Cuba: To saturate Cuba with worshipping and witnessing congregations so that every man, woman and child has the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel and be discipled in the context of a local church.

    To train Cuban church planters and house church leaders so that healthy house church congregations multiply throughout the towns, cities, and neighborhoods of Cuba.

  • Dental Training For Missions - DENTAL TRAINING FOR MISSIONS Missionaries! Dentistry is a great skill in which a missionary can demonstrate the love of Christ in a practical way. Dental decay and gingivitis are the most common diseases in the world. Millions suffer needlessly. In just 7 days, our school can train and equip you to bring greatly needed dental care to your community. Course location: Texas
  • Philippine Missions - John 14:12 Ministries - Missionary Assistance, Training and Sending Local Missionaries for Global Missions, Local Church Planting, Evangelism, Training and Conferences, Church Assistance, Christian Education and Helping the Poor.

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