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  • Church Reformation - The Church Reformation WebRing is dedicated to helping websites become more visible to everyone seeking the reality of the Sovereign Creator.
  • Men of Promise (Promise Keepers) Webring - Promise Keepers are Christian men dedicated to the principles of the Promise Keepers Movement. The purpose of this unoffical webring is the bringing together as many Promise Keeper web sites as possible. The reason that I called this webring "Men of Promise" is not to lift up men, but to lift up the name of God, through Jesus Christ and HIS PROMISES. God is calling men to lead their families, their church, their communities and their nation back to Godly principles.
  • Nevada Christians - When a Person thinks of Nevada, most people don't think about God. This is a webring for people that live there and are wanting to let people know that God is alive in Nevada.
  • The Evangel Web Ring - A service of James & Dave's Bible Page: The mission of the Evangel Web Ring is to bring together sites that boldly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
  • The Lord our Shepherd Webring - Are you one of HIS sheep and have a website (personal or business) that glorifies HIM. Consider joining this new webring.

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